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Bridal Expo | Wynnum | Rikki Jones Photography

here’s something for you..

as the photographer, planning for your first Bridal Expo is more stressful than planning for an actual wedding.

leading up to my first expo, I was pumped!
my To Do list was sweet & simple & included small items such as;

book stand at expo, bring amazing products to set up stand, be amazing on expo day.
(*small melt down)

Nailed it.



having my Logo redesigned. Check
giving my website a complete overhaul. Check

Rikki Jones Photography | Fine Art Wedding Album

Divine Beauty.


I remember being younger (a lot younger than I am now) and spending hours turning the pages of my Grandparents Wedding Album.
A little shabby, but a handful of photos still there.
Careful to not let any slip out from under their fine plastic cover, I was mesmerised at how beautiful my Nan looked.
How young and dainty she was and how much I looked like her..

She must have told me a hundred times over who all those people where in the images.
People most important to her and my Grandfather at that exact moment in time.
And now I can see their grandchildren (My friends, my age) standing there in those photos.

Her Wedding Album – now my most treasured.

A few things have changed since 1955, but I look forward to the day I get to sit down with my Grandchildren
and answer the same curious questions as we flip the pages of my wedding album.

Memories that not only last a lifetime, but generations.

I am thrilled to bits I get to create such treasured items for my Brides & Grooms, & their next generation.

Totally. worth. it.