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during a lifetime you meet thousands of people.
most stay that way; just people, passers by.
but sometimes, someone will catch you and make you smile from the inside, out.

I met Maree for the first time 1 week before her due date.
I was welcomed into her home by her Husband and three young sons.
their excitement and anticipation of welcoming a daughter & sister into the family was heart warming
and I am still smiling.




Maternity Photographer | Rikki Jones Photography

about a year or so ago, I photographed Kristal & Jonnie.
not because they had recently became engaged, or were getting married
they had already ticked those boxes.

we scheduled a shoot just because they rock. and they were crazy cute in love.

fast forward a year or so and their crazy cute just got cuter!
get a load of the love they created
Elsie Mae you are a treasure


Mumma & Bub both wear flower crowns from Stockholm Florist – Gunnedah.

Kristal, Jonnie & baby Elsie
Gunnedah Family Photography | Rikki Jones Photography

we headed for Peel Island for their shoot
it was windy, it was laden with mosquito’s & it took an hour longer than expected.

but they smiled, they laughed & they loved as the sun went down
& i’m thrilled to have captured a moment in their adventurous lives.

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Dani & Greg | Engaged
Brisbane Engagement Photography | Rikki Jones Photography

Mr & Mrs O’Driscoll

Villa Infinity, Canggu, Bali

15th May 2013


Location: Villa Infinity Canggu, Bali 
Hair & Make-up: Yeanne Make-up Artist
Dressmaker: Helena Couture
Foot Chain: Emersonlane Vintage
Flowers: Heliconia 
Cake: Ixora Cakes
Catering: Lynley Catering
Personalised Teaspoons/Wedding Favours: For Such A Time Designs
Stationary: Paperleaf Pantry