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Kate & Marty | Married | 14th March 2015

A sweet morning ceremony held in the back yard of their Dalby property.
The intimate affair was shared with 200 of their nearest and dearest.
Each one wearing their dancing shoes and arrived well prepared to party until the sun went down.

There was pumpkin pie, caramel tart and more treats than even the children could have imagined!
The catering was out of this world delicious. And it was all washed down with Stone & Wood on tap.

Everything was top notch!
Thanks for asking me along Lovers xx




Dalby Wedding Photographer

a solo photo shoot;
the least I could do.

when signing in to social media last Thursday morning, I certainly wasn’t expecting to feel an overwhelming amount of admiration and certainly not before the sun had even come up!  though that is what happened and without questioning it, I hit this link >>  Worlds Greatest Shave << and sponsored Julie for a great cause.
I quickly contacted her, wondering what was her drive and suggested there had to be more I could do.

Julie radiates the most delightful energy and positive outlook on life and
maybe, just maybe beautiful pictures will help spread the word. the smallest of small and the largest of large;
every donation counts. xx

“I want to shave my hair off in March this year in memory of my beautiful cousin, Gareth Eastwick.
Gareth passed away from Leukaemia at the age of 16, after 3 years of fighting.
I want to do this to remember him, raise awareness and gather together donations to help families dealing with this illness right now and in the future. Gareth was and is still an inspiration to many with his determination to fight and do so with so much positivity.
I figure what is hair really, when you can give rural families the chance to be with their child in a city hospital for a week. Or the chance to have a counsellor help a family who have been told of this illness within their family.
This is my second time shaving my hair for this amazing cause and I cannot wait.”

RikkiJonesBlog003RikkiJonesBlog004RikkiJonesBlog005RikkiJonesBlog006RikkiJonesBlog007RikkiJonesBlog008RikkiJonesBlog009RikkiJonesBlog010RikkiJonesBlog011RikkiJonesBlog012RikkiJonesBlog013RikkiJonesBlog014RikkiJonesBlog015RikkiJonesBlog001RikkiJonesBlog016RikkiJonesBlog017RikkiJonesBlog018RikkiJonesBlog019please feel free to leave comments of support and spread the word for Julie.

Headed for Perth, Western Australia on a Wednesday evening My Love and I packed our bags to the brim. Upon check-in at the airport we had to even out the weight from our bags..
he had put his shoes in the carry-on luggage saying “incase my feet get cold!”

In all the eight years I have known him, never has he had cold feet!

Two movies in and my second complimentary wine, I leaned over to view the city lights and rest my sleepy head against his shoulder.
My eyes following street lights like a maze. Getting lost in my own thoughts. Imagining the people, the places & the adventures ahead.
I was in a bubble of excitement to experience a place I had never been. And I would have my camera in one hand and My Love in the other.
From that moment, I loved him more.



Being excited for everyday is the best. Adventures are the best.
After the celebrations of Michelle and Blake‘s sweet Sandalford wedding, we made a bee line to pick up our home away from home.
Dreaming of seafood and sand between our toes, we hit the frog and toad to Freemantle in our Britz camper van!
Bring on the Road Trip!


RikkiJonesBlog032RikkiJonesBlog033RikkiJonesBlog034RikkiJonesBlog035RikkiJonesBlog036RikkiJonesBlog037When we made the decision to have a camper van holiday, we also agreed we would not plan our exact destinations but rather go where ever the wind blew.
Though, after experiencing our first sunset together over the sea in Freemantle, with a quick nod we’d soon agreed our nights were to be spent by the sea, watching every falling sun.
Our second destination was an easy selection. The next most western point: Peron, Western Australia.
Listening to Chet Faker all the way!RikkiJonesBlog001RikkiJonesBlog002RikkiJonesBlog003RikkiJonesBlog004RikkiJonesBlog005RikkiJonesBlog006RikkiJonesBlog007
Gracetown with Sophie and Nick for a night and a day.
As our wine stash dwindled, by day we were taste testing and re-stocking, by night we were being captivated by the radiating colors in the sky and sipping on fine reds.

From the warmth of our camper, I imagined the wind hugging us tightly as we happily walked the Busselton jetty.
It didn’t. and I wasn’t. It was powerful and cold and slapped at our faces with no remorse.
But, for these memories alone, I am glad we walked.
Where Margaret River meets the ocean.
Where I was the happiest of happy.
Why i will be forever thankful I taught My Love how to use the camera remote.

(The entire trip his feet were never once cold. But I did learn shoes and carry on luggage are safest for diamond rings when flying..)
RikkiJonesBlog076RikkiJonesBlog001RikkiJonesBlog077RikkiJonesBlog078RikkiJonesBlog079RikkiJonesBlog080Pemberton. Warren National Park.
A night of no internet connection, no phone reception and nothing but good times. We celebrated with S+N and the finest bubbles of the region.
The four of us drank, ate, we laughed and we won UNO. We were simply winning at life this night.RikkiJonesBlog039RikkiJonesBlog040RikkiJonesBlog041RikkiJonesBlog042RikkiJonesBlog043RikkiJonesBlog044RikkiJonesBlog045RikkiJonesBlog046RikkiJonesBlog047RikkiJonesBlog048RikkiJonesBlog049RikkiJonesBlog050RikkiJonesBlog051RikkiJonesBlog053RikkiJonesBlog052Cape Leeuwin, Western Australia.
Everywhere my eyes wondered, my breath struggled to keep up. I could feel my heart bursting with joy.
I was truly in love, with all that my eyes could see.

RikkiJonesBlog039RikkiJonesBlog038RikkiJonesBlog042RikkiJonesBlog044RikkiJonesBlog045RikkiJonesBlog046RikkiJonesBlog047RikkiJonesBlog048RikkiJonesBlog049RikkiJonesBlog040RikkiJonesBlog_PerthRikkiJonesBlog050RikkiJonesBlog051You really should add Western Australia to your Bucket List.
Rikki Jones Photography