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Mr & Mrs O’Driscoll

Villa Infinity, Canggu, Bali

15th May 2013


Location: Villa Infinity Canggu, Bali 
Hair & Make-up: Yeanne Make-up Artist
Dressmaker: Helena Couture
Foot Chain: Emersonlane Vintage
Flowers: Heliconia 
Cake: Ixora Cakes
Catering: Lynley Catering
Personalised Teaspoons/Wedding Favours: For Such A Time Designs
Stationary: Paperleaf Pantry

Rikki Jones Photography | Fine Art Wedding Album

Divine Beauty.


I remember being younger (a lot younger than I am now) and spending hours turning the pages of my Grandparents Wedding Album.
A little shabby, but a handful of photos still there.
Careful to not let any slip out from under their fine plastic cover, I was mesmerised at how beautiful my Nan looked.
How young and dainty she was and how much I looked like her..

She must have told me a hundred times over who all those people where in the images.
People most important to her and my Grandfather at that exact moment in time.
And now I can see their grandchildren (My friends, my age) standing there in those photos.

Her Wedding Album – now my most treasured.

A few things have changed since 1955, but I look forward to the day I get to sit down with my Grandchildren
and answer the same curious questions as we flip the pages of my wedding album.

Memories that not only last a lifetime, but generations.

I am thrilled to bits I get to create such treasured items for my Brides & Grooms, & their next generation.

Totally. worth. it.